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Lantern is mobile based application software, a rental management system for both residential and commercial business, be it an individual house rental business or large scale residential operations.

All you can do is taking forward your property management in a systematic way under this single application. Whether you are the owner/ landlord and maintain a huge PG or hostel under multiple units you can update and maintain the chaos of daily operations like generating invoices, bills, and payment records of electricity, water charges, security maintenance and many more.


“Our aim is to digitalize the manual management of rental houses, PG’s, hostel for your convenience and define a new perspective of income generation.”

The proposed system is also concerned in searching a house for rent that will generate a proper availability of houses nearby for customers and assist you in finding the perfect home.

The prior importance of this application lies in the management system, a structured payroll system to enter tenant payments, emailing statements, documents highlighting any tenants for tracking of records, for tracking purposes, moving of tenants in & out, printing of bank deposit slips only at one app and click away.

This system focuses on helping the landlord & tenants to share a common platform to build a mutual interaction. A step ahead to digitize the manual management of rental houses, PG’s, hostel where you can verify, upload and store all the documents, record the expenses (mutually for both tenant & vendor) in a user friendly manner, a brokerage free portal where you can search nearby rooms, flats, PG’S, hostel & so on.