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Meet The Team

OTECHNONIX INDIA PVT LTD have an excellent team that focuses on updating designs and various other tools of Internet to gain and lead the web standards for our client all across the globe. Our support team is available to assist you eight hours a day and six days a week. Looking for the entire expertise team but do not know where to begin? Our team is here to take the best care of it.

We are aware that a successful project development for any software company requires careful planning, talented team and a collaboration of our projects team squads of UI & UX designer, SEO expert, content writer, team leader, web developer, PRM, HR, planner, project manager, quality manager, telesales, marketing expert and business developer.

Our project manager develops the entire project planning , lead & manage the project team, assign tasks establishing a project schedule on determining every phases. The marketing team and customer support team manages our clients and plan and looks into our sale and marketing activities.

Our HR establishes organizational structures, delegate tasks & accountabilities, establish various work schedules, supervise our staff and monitor & evaluate the performance of our team members.

Web developers : Our developers are responsible for the actual building of the solution. Our team analysts/designers/ programmer plans the assigned activities in more details if required and proactively engages in communicating status and managing expectations. Our tester ensures that our solutions and end results meet the business requirement that is free from errors and defects.

Project Manager : Works on a higher level of abstraction and is responsible to manage your budget /risk schedule and lead your contract management with OTECHNONIX INDIA PVT LTD. Our team leader ensures that our team put its sufficient performance level and is responsible for any conflict, prevention and resolution.

Our business Analyst translates business needs while verifying the project deliverables. It also defines and analyzes /manages all the technical & business requirements.

UX/UI designers : Our web designer analyzes the functional requirements included for the User’s and define its architecture and navigation thus providing support to our client’s project to ensure an adequate practices used during the development process.